“How Much Are Senior Portraits?”

Your first cost is going to be for the session fees.  Our session fees range from $25 to $125.  A complete description of sessions and fees is listed here.   Most seniors choose  at least 2 different sessions to give them more variety in their final selections.

We offer 12 different packages ranging from $180 to over $1600, with individual prints starting at $45 for 5×7’s.  What do most people spend?  Everyone has different wants and needs.  Some people have lots of family and want to share with everyone.  Others are strictly buying for themselves.   Our clients spend anywhere from $200-$3000.  We offer a wide variety of products to share and display your images in your home.  One thing we know for sure,  our clients love their portraits so much they have a hard time not getting all of them!

Having two daughters, one who graduated in 2009 and one in 2013,  we know something about being a parent too.  We see first hand how important our daughters’ senior portraits are everyday when we walk through our home and look at their portraits on the walls.  With both girls away in college,  we realize what a short time 18 years at home has been.  Our portraits of our girls are our most cherished possessions.  Whatever you do, wherever you go, please don’t underestimate the importance of this time in your child’s life and having portraits to remember it by.

If you are interested in just what comes in a few of our packages here are a few, remember we have 12 packages along with a lot of other items like albums and framed panels with multiple images too.

Package 5 – 1-11X14 and 2-8X10 or 3-5X7 prints for $180

Package 1 – 1-16X20, 3-8X10 and 5-5X7 prints for $490

Wallet Package 1 – 96-Wallets from two poses for $135

Wallet Package 3 – 244-Wallets from five poses for $290

Whopper – 1-16X20, 6-8X10, 8-5X7, 160-Wallets, DVD Slideshow with 15 poses and a 3 Pose framed desk print for $947

Albums are available in various sizes starting at $345 for a ten poses album and $540 for a 20 pose album

And remember at Tronel's Photography all of the poses that you order are fully retouched at no extra charge, most school photographers charge $49 extra for retouching.  You also get a free digital image of each of the poses you order to use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media.  For trusting Tronel's Photography you have our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Prices subject to change and are current as of October 2016.